‘Writing results are a real concern’ says Federal Education Minister, Simon Birmingham. Writing performance has dropped by .5% and over the longer term it’s down by more than 2% since 2011.
— ABC, Sabra Lane, Aug, 2017
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Principal Barrie Speight said: “we picked these programs because we knew they were highly effective.” We’ve “implemented drama programs and a strong emphasis on creative writing over the past two years, trying to make it fun with weekly sessions in which children are inspired to work on their writing projects”. (Pia Akerman August 2, 2017 The Australian – Schools Hit by Writing Skills Slump)

“Recent evidence reports declining growth in literacy achievement across the middle years.” The declining growth in writing, Wyatt-Smith and Jackson (2016) report an ‘accelerating negative change’ based on NAPLAN writing data, revealing that growing numbers of students are achieving below the national minimum standard in writing.” (D. Clary, University New England NSW and S Daintith, Association of Independ Schools NSW: Raising the bar: Setting an agenda for writing improvement in the middle years, Volume 25,no.2, June 2017 – Litearcy Learning, The Middle Years-Peer reviewed paper)

 “Preliminary results released on Wednesday showed an overall decline in writing skills”. (https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/national/2017/08/02/naplan-school-test-results/) NAPLAN results slip, but ‘teachers concentrate on the write stuff’ 9:31pm, Aug 2, 2017)

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