Evidence has shown our method of a collaborative writing workshop versus individual tutoring is powerful. The toolkit of knowledge and skills built across our workshops includes a variety of writing methods. Once our members understand and use this toolkit, they will build the confidence to complete a range of writing tasks.


The Scribe Shack formula

  • Combines a wealth of knowledge and experience with current best teaching practice

  • Adheres to the Australian Education Curriculum and NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA)

  • Continually improves and adapts to national and international research

  • Provides continuous and interactive feedback

  • Supports young people as they acquire skills, strategies and learn writing processes

  • Provides unique, fun yet structured opportunities to acquire relevant writing skills

  • Ensures members are stimulated, motivated and engaged

We want members to feel successful in their writing endeavours


Some benefits of learning to write:

  • Training the brain by increasing the neural activation

  • Advance in reading by activating the brains reading pathways

The better we write the better we read.  Vice versa, too.
The more students read, the better their writing skills become.

  • Stimulation of creativity to write by hand is a slower process that allows the writer to develop ideas. As kids begin to learn to hand write ‘automatically’, their brain is freed to process content

  • Cognitive improvements such as increased word recognition and memory retention, and increased focus and attention by ‘writing it down’ to reinforce a memory or connection

Reference: Erin Stott, Senior Policy Officer from NESA (Learning Standards Policy Dept.) 2017