Scribe Shack, like many great ideas, started out as a coffee chat among friends.

As parents, we’ve all heard children say “I hate writing,” and we think, “I know they need help outside the crowded school curriculum, but where? And how?”  We thought, what are the options for a fun after school activity where our children might grow and learn something about writing? They need to enjoy it!

Our research indicated that for children to improve their writing skills, TIME to practice in a supportive COLLABORATIVE environment is required.

We’ve created Scribe Shack to provide children with an opportunity to explore and develop their unique writing talents within a fun club environment, supported by educators and peers.

In this age of technology and with the pressures to compete, it’s our belief that when children can learn to love writing in all its forms they will be happier humans. Feeling confident about your own ideas and knowing how to express them in written form is invaluable. It’s a critical life skill that will support their future.

We very much look forward to meeting you and your children on their journey of

imagination, creativity and writing.

The Scribe Shack Team