Terms & Conditions  (effective 1 June 2018)

Fees, Payments, Cancellations, Refunds & Requirements

For Weekly Classes

If your child chooses to withdraw from a term class anytime at or after their first scheduled class, a $50 administration fee will be deducted by Scribe Shack from the amount to be paid or refunded.

If your child no longer wishes to or cannot continue their class a refund can be provided by Scribe Shack once confirmation has been received via email or text. A refund will only be provided for the remaining classes after the date that your written confirmation has been received, with a $50 administration fee deduction.

Trial classes are charged at $30 per class for a maximum of two weeks.  The course is structured to produce outcomes each 8 week block.

Missed classes not made up during a term cannot be rolled over into the next term, without prior consent, as each week covers a specific part of the session curriculum.

For Holiday Classes

For cancellations or non-attendance on the day of the workshop, no refunds, transfers or credits will be offered. However, a friend or sibling can attend the same workshop instead on the same day enrolled in, with a prior booking or on another day during the same holiday workshop period (with prior consent).  Our numbers are restricted.

No refunds, transfers or credits are given once the workshop has commenced.


Every endeavour is made to accommodate your child in their requested class type. If in extreme circumstances their specific class does not go ahead for a period time (e.g. due to students moving to other class days and limited numbers), they will be placed into the best alternative class on the same day and time (after consulting the child and/or parent) until their preferred class resumes.

We are unable to care for children who are dropped to the workshop more than 15 minutes prior to the workshop commencement time. Please do not drop children more than 10 minutes prior. Also pickup children no more than 10 minutes after workshop completion.

Our insurance policy does not cover any children who are younger than 7 years old. Once a child has turned 7, they are welcome to book and attend.

Students must wear shoes at all times when in the Scribe Shack session location.

Student Health & Well-Being

Parents are required to notify Scribe Shack at the time of enrolling their child into any Scribe Shack workshop of any health or medical conditions their child has been diagnosed with. This must be done via the Scribe Shack booking form and by notifying Scribe Shack management by phone or email.


Contact information provided to Scribe Shack is not disclosed to any third party without a parent’s consent, except where required by law.

Scribe Shack will from time to time email or text current and past students for the purpose of marketing and informing them of upcoming events, competitions and/or new classes. Please notify Scribe Shack should you wish to be removed from any mailing list.


From time to time, we take photos during class of students and their work. These photos are used by Scribe Shack for promotional purposes only, such as brochures, social media and our website. As a condition of enrolment a parent’s consent is implied. Should you not wish for us to take and use any photos of your child with their work please notify us in writing.